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  • Vendor: Natural Factors

두뇌 건강 인지력 향상 포스파티딜셀린 Phosphatidylserine 30 60 120 소프트겔

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Remember the fat-free movement? The good fats got thrown out with the bad. But our brains and cells need healthy fats to function.* One particular type of fat has the spotlight when it comes to memory support – phosphatidylserine.* This amazing nutrient supports cognition, memory, and concentration, and promotes healthy mood balance while reducing occasional stress.* What more can you ask for?
  • The key to brain health*
  • Supports cognition, memory, and concentration*
  • Promotes mood and helps reduce occasional stress*

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두뇌 건강 인지력 향상 포스파티딜셀린 Phosphatidylserine 30 60 120 소프트겔


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